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Frequently Asked Questions

 Is it really possible to acquire a Company without using any of your own money?

Yes, I’ve done dozens of deals and helped many people just like you

Are you just selling a course?

No,  I guarantee that you’ll acquire a Company within 6 months and we’ll work with you every step of the way. If it takes longer, I’ll continue coaching you for free until you do.

Do you only mentor me for 6 months?

No, many of my clients have 3 year strategies and I’ve agreed to work with them until they’ve acquired a group of Companies and then sell them. 

I’ve never acquired a Company before, will this be an issue?

No, some of my clients are also looking for their first acquisition. Others are looking to buy multiple Companies and merge them / roll them into a group. My mentoring works no matter what your level of experience is.

How soon can we get started?

As soon as you want… book a Zoom call now and we can start straight away

How do I get more information?

Watch the Free M&A video series, or book a Zoom call and we can discuss your specific strategies in detail. 


Free Training Video Transcript

Read through our free training resource to get started in M&A


Course Completion Social Media Post

Use this social media post to celebrate your completion of the course

Event Participation Social Media Post

Use this social media post to celebrate your participation to the coaching events

Download the Free M&A Video Course

Download the free M&A Training videos to learn at your pace. 

M&A template

Download the free M&A spreadsheet to navigate through the program


Download the brand and media kit

Download the brand and media kit to learn about using our branded resources

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